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ContentSprout is Out of Beta: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

ContentSprout accepted its first customer on April 1, 2023. We launched a limited beta and we spent April and May working tirelessly to get the tool where it needed to be to provide the maximum benefit to our audience.

The original pricing used 2.5 credits per article generation and 20 credits per topic map. The beta access was not subscription-based. The new system changes how credits are used and we’ve moved to subscriptions, which was originally announced in our first webinar.

Pricing Change

The subscriptions have three levels:

1. Freelancer: Best for Freelancers and SMBs

2. Standard: Best for Small Agencies and Affiliates

3. Agency: Best for Mid-size to Large Agencies and Massive Content Sites

Credit System

The credits for an article now cost 1 credit. On average, our content writes 4,000 words. At the Standard Subscription, this roughly equates to $.0016 per word, which is about 1/3 – 1/4 of the price of other generative AI tools.

The content takes less than 3 minutes to create. When you write 10-100 articles, you can typically expect about 10-15 min wait times. We are removing “normal mode” for content generation. We suggest that everyone uses “Enhanced” as that model uses GPT4.

For Beta Users, it’s important to note that you can now change your topic titles before you write them. If the topic contains something like “How to Set Up Analytics for a Website in the Roofing Niche Using Google Tag Manager” you will likely want to edit this title before submitting the article. We find that keeping the subjects to around 2 works best. If the topic has too many words, the generation can go off topic and will lose context.

The topic generator now costs 3 credits. For context, beta pricing has topic maps at 20 credits (or $20), which means topic generation is now 10% cheaper!

For beta users, you get 50% off of this price for 12 months, which means the reduction in cost is even better! You’re actually experiencing 55% off!

Beta Credits

The beta credits will exist in your account for 60 days. These credits will be used first. For those with a lot of beta credits, you should stay on the Freelancer plan until credits are used.

Users have questions on this so let me say this again in another way. In 60 days, we will convert the remaining beta credits. At the 90 day mark, those credits will expire at the end of the third month. If for whatever reason, those credits can’t be used, just reach out using intercom or through Facebook Messenger.

We are also rewarding every beta user with 1 free month of the freelancer plan. After that month, the 50% coupon is then used.

If you don’t see your beta credits in your account, fill out a bug request form.

New Features and Improvements

You can now modify your topic maps.

The pencil icon can be used to adjust the names and the delete icon removes the item entirely.

The “add” text allows you paste in comma separated values. If you want to add keyword from a tool like ahrefs or from a google sheet, you can copy the rows and paste into the search bar in KW research for Ahrefs, which will automatically add commas. You can then copy that output and paste into ContentSprout AI.

Old Topic Maps

The previous version of topic maps had performance and normal topic maps. This has been removed but your data is still available. Please send a message using intercom (chatbot) and ask for your data by providing your name and email and specify the type of map and the niche you used.

Important Announcements

Our next sprint focuses on a few items that the community has requested.

  1. Export functionality.
  2. Search volume for category, sub-category, cluster, and topic.
  3. GPT4 built into the article editor.
  4. Schema insertion
  5. Internal link automation

GPT4 will exist on the right hand side. This is in development, but it will be included in your existing subscription at no extra cost. We will set limits based on your account type. If you’ve ever used an on-page optimization tool, you’ve likely experienced a UX/UI similar to what we are building.


The last thing I want to mention is about marketing. Be on the lookout for our new website design next week. I am also speaking on Fox News in June and talking about AI, so be on the lookout for that! If you didn’t see the article, ContentSprout was mentioned in Search Engine Land!

We are excited for the growth of the tool and I look forward to making a tool that will massively impact your business.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to save the following links for updates.

1. Youtube Channel – AI and Marketing Guides

2. Facebook Group – Community of 200+ People

3. Help Videos – Loom

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